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tuoqiu agriculture chemical


tuoqiu agriculture chemical

cyproconazole 95%, 97% original drug

cas no: 94361-06-5
molecular formula: c15h18cln3o
molecular weight: 291.78
structural formula:

this product is a triazole fungicide. it is a sterol demethylation inhibitor with preventive and therapeutic effects. it is effective against powdery mildews, rust fungi, genus sporocysts, sporozoites, saccharomyces spp., and black star fungus on cereal crops, coffee, sugar beet, fruit trees and grapes. mixed with other fungicides, it can well control cereal eye spot, leaf spot and net spot disease. the duration of prevention and control of wheat rust is 4 to 6 weeks, and that of powdery mildew is 3 to 4 weeks. cereal, fruit tree and grape powdery mildew, peanut, sugar beet leaf spot, apple scab and peanut white rot.
physical and chemical properties:
colorless crystals. melting point 103 ~ 105 ℃. boiling point>250℃. vapor pressure 0.0347 mpa (20 ℃). solubility (25℃): water 140mg/kg, acetone>230g/kg, dimethyl sulfoxide>180g/kg, ethanol>230g/kg, xylene 120g/kg. stability: 15 days at 70°c, 21 days at dt50 on the soil surface under sunlight; ph 3-9, stable at 50°c.
packing: 25kg/cardboard drum
preparation: 10% water dispersible granules


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