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tuoqiu agriculture chemical


tuoqiu agriculture chemical

dinconazole 95%tc,90%tc,12.5%wp

cas no: 83657-24-3
molecular formula: c15h17cl2n3o
molecular weight: 326.09
structural formula:

dinconazole is an efficient, broad-spectrum, low-toxic systemic fungicide. dinconazole is a triazole fungicide, bactericidal mechanism: inhibits 14α-demethylation in the biosynthesis of ergosterol in fungi, causing ergosterol deficiency, resulting in abnormal fungal cell membranes and ultimately fungal death. dinconazole has a long sterilization period and is safe for humans, animals, beneficial insects and the environment. it has triple effects of protection, treatment and eradication, and has special effects on various plant diseases caused by ascomycetes and basidiomycetes, such as powdery mildew, rust, smut, scab, and corn smut.
physical and chemical properties:
colorless crystal, melting point about 134 to 156℃, vapor pressure 2.93mpa (20℃), 4.9mpa (25℃), density 1.32 (20℃), solubility in water 4mg/l (25℃), acetone, methanol 95, two toluene 14, hexane 0.7 (g/kg, 25°c), stable to light, heat and moisture.
packing: 25kg/cardboard drum
preparation: 12.5% wp, 10% ec


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