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tuoqiu agriculture chemical


tuoqiu agriculture chemical

27% chunlei. bromoxylonil wp

specifications: 20g/bag, 100g/bag, 200g/bag, 500g/bag


1. the combination of kasugamycin and bromoxynil has a good control effect on common bacterial diseases and anthracnose. kasugamycin, as an agricultural antibiotic fungicide, is a metabolite of microorganisms. it has been popularized and used in my country for more than 30 years. it is a major contributor to fungicides. it has strong permeability and systemic absorption. bromoxanil can inhibit and eradicate the growth of fungi, bacteria and algae, has a good control effect on crop diseases, and has special effects on anthracnose.

2. it can inhibit and eradicate the growth of bacteria, fungi and algae. bromoxanil is an algaecide fungicide. effective against anthracnose.

3. it has special effects on bacterial diseases and anthracnose, and has no cross-resistance after many years of use. this product can stimulate the activity of various enzymes in crops, enhance photosynthesis, the leaves are dark green, the plants are robust, and the quality and yield of crops can be improved.

prevention object:

cucumber: bacterial angular spot disease (registered)

this product is widely used in various melons, tomatoes, rice, peppers, citrus and other crops to control bacterial angular spot, anthracnose, canker, scab, scab, powdery mildew, rust, blight, dry falling disease, root rot, bacterial wilt, angular spot and other bacterial and fungal diseases.

the specific use is subject to the registration of the ministry of agriculture and the promotion experience of the local plant protection department.


jiangsu tuoqiu agriculture chemical co.,ltd.

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