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tuoqiu agriculture chemical


tuoqiu agriculture chemical

45% bromine bacteria. pentanitrobenzene powder

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specifications: 15g/bag, 100g/bag
1. this product is a high-efficiency broad-spectrum fungicide, which is easily absorbed by the roots and leaves of crops, and can be quickly transmitted, while eradicating internal and external pathogens of diseased plants. it has obvious control effect and long lasting effect; it has special effects on various species-borne and soil-borne diseases.
2. the chemical formula is scientific and unique, and the application method is flexible. whether it is foliar spray, seed treatment, soil irrigation and root irrigation, it shows excellent comprehensive control effect; it not only has strong ability to prevent and kill diseases, but also promote plant nutrition. and regulating plant physiological functions, etc., the effect of increasing production is significant.
3. this product is widely used in all kinds of vegetables, fruit trees, cotton, rapeseed, peanuts, tobacco, tea trees, chinese medicinal materials, flowers and other crops to prevent and control anthracnose, clubroot, rhizome rot, blight, damping off, a variety of fungal and bacterial diseases such as scab, sclerotinia, scab, leaf spot, canker, bacterial wilt, and angular spot.


jiangsu tuoqiu agriculture chemical co.,ltd.

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