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tuoqiu agriculture chemical


tuoqiu agriculture chemical

2,6-dichloro-4-(trifluoromethyl)aniline 95%、80%

cas no: 24279-39-8
molecular formula: c7h4cl2f3n
molecular weight: 230.02
structural formula:

uses: this product is a pesticide intermediate.
physical and chemical properties:
melting point: 35-37°c
boiling point: 60-62°c/15mmhg
specific gravity: 1.532g/cm3
flash point: 87°c
solubility: insoluble in water, soluble in various organic solvents.
quality index:
appearance: light brown crystal or oily liquid
content: ≥97%
packing: 25kg/cardboard drum


jiangsu tuoqiu agriculture chemical co.,ltd.

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