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tuoqiu agriculture chemical


tuoqiu agriculture chemical

paclobutrazol 98%tc,95%tc,90%tc,15wp,10%wp,25%sc

cas no: 76738-62-0
molecular formula: c15h20cln3o
molecular weight: 293.5
structural formula:

paclobutrazol is a plant growth regulator. it has the effects of delaying plant growth, inhibiting stem elongation, shortening internodes, promoting plant tillering, increasing plant stress resistance, and increasing yield. this product is suitable for rice, wheat, peanuts, fruit trees, tobacco, rapeseed, soybeans, flowers, lawns and other crops (plants), and the use effect is remarkable.
physical and chemical properties:
the original drug is a white solid, melting point: 165-166℃, vapor pressure: 0.001mpa (20℃), density: 1.22g/ml, kowlogp=3.2, solubility: water 26mg/l (20℃), acetone 110, cyclohexane ketone 180, methylene chloride 100, hexane 10, xylene 60, methanol 150, propylene glycol 50 (g/l, 20°c), stability: 2 years at 20°c, 6 months at 50°c, ph4- 9 no hydrolysis, no decomposition under uv light (ph 7, 10 days)
packing: 25kg/cardboard drum
formulation: 10% wp, 15% wp, 200 g/l suspending agent, 250 g/l suspending agent


jiangsu tuoqiu agriculture chemical co.,ltd.

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